Monday, December 22, 2008

God will destroy the Internet!

Sorry I've been away for so long. The holidays are the suck. I'm such a Scrooge.

Anyway, click the pic above for a glorious look at business ventures of the End Times. The company You've Been Left Behind will, for a fee (of course), email up to 62 of your unrepentant heathen friends and family to notify them of your ascendance into Heaven! Because apparently, you just not being there is a bit too subtle.

If several of their key members don't log-in for a few days, the system assumes the Rapture has taken place and, barring global Internet collapse, will flood the web with spam. Good news though! According to the site:

Q:With all of the devastation after the Rapture how do you think the emails will be delivered?

A: I do believe that the Internet will be up and running. There may be some localized temporary outages. Today the entire global economic and commerce system is completely dependant on the Internet to function. They will keep it working. There is also huge redundancy and overlap in the system. A message keep trying pathways and services until it is delivered. Most of the net is buried underground. Eventually God will take it down, as he destroys the World system that has been built up by a people trying to do it all without him. That won't be until the second half of the tribulation though.

If memory serves, that means we athiests will have 3.5 years of wacko-free Internets. Whee!

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