Monday, January 5, 2009

Superheroes IRL

The picture above is of real-life "superhero" Master Legend, of Orlando, and his ex-sidekick Ace. It links to an incredible Rolling Stone article about the life of Master Legend, who rolls around in his beat up Battle Truck, firing plastic Easter eggs filled with rocksalt out of a Right Guard-powered aerosol launcher at villains and criminals in the mean streets of central Florida.

I'm not making this up. Google "superhero network" and you'll find a plethora of message boards and online communities of costumed vigilantes, trying to make their respective neighbourhoods just a bit safer.

The story keeps a nice balance between outside reality and Master Legend's slight nuttiness, but it's a heart-warming tale nonetheless, and I sincerely wish ML all the best of luck in his crime fighting.

Now where did I put my Lone Ranger mask...?


skurin said...

We have a RLSH in Fight With Tools, and he's on MySpace. Kick ass kind of guy.

d33p said...

I've actually heard of Geist - he's pretty well-known in the RLSH circles, I guess.

skurin said...

I've chatted with him a bit on the FWT site. He really is a superhero.